NC State University, Jordan Hall Bio Lab Renovation

IDIAS provided renovation services to convert an existing computer laboratory into a biology laboratory for NC State University in Raleigh, NC. The project involved demolition of interior walls and flooring, installation of new walls, flooring, ceiling tile, mechanical/electrical/plumbing equipment, casework, and countertops.
As an active learning facility, adjacent areas/rooms were occupied during construction. Barriers were employed to separate construction areas from these occupied areas of the building to minimize noise and air quality disturbances.
IDIAS also oversaw the installation of new plumbing including water/gas/vacuum piping, valves, sinks, eyewash, water coolers, and hoses; new ventilation equipment and systems including ductwork ventilation/exhaust units, fume hoods, and system controls; and new lighting circuits with new power receptacles and circuits provided.
In addition, communications wiring and equipment was installed and connected to the existing telecom cable tray; fire alarm wiring was installed and tied into the existing system; and new rubber flooring and drop ceilings were installed. Walls were patched, primed, and painted where necessary and new interior walls constructed as-needed.
NC State Lab IDIAS Contracting