SURF Façade-Camp MacKall

IDIAS/SEPI was selected as the prime contractor on this design-build project to renovate multiple existing building façades and roofs to transform it into a mock Afghan village for use as a training facility at Ft. Bragg, NC for the war fighters.

Exterior finishes that were renovated included doors, windows, awnings, walls, and roofing. Interior renovations included interior walls and built-in furniture specifically created to simulate authentic finishes that would be encountered in a typical village in Afghanistan. A mosque dome was also installed, necessitating the installation of a structural roofing system to support the added load. With an aggressive project schedule and close coordination with representatives from the client and the operational unit, the project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

Client input was critical in achieving the final product. Since this facility was being constructed to resemble a typical Afghan village, client recommendations for the layout and appearance were instrumental in the final architectural design.

Work included, but was not limited to, demolition of unsafe wall structures; removal of doors and windows; refinishing of interior walls; application of simulated exterior stucco wall finish; installation of new roof with manufacturer’s warranty; production of structural and architectural drawings for the renovation of the buildings; installment of reverse roof truss system onto the existing facility; antique staining for aging of new wall; installation of market style awning; installation of mosque dome; fabrication and installation of Mosque Throne Chair; and installation of other specialty products to simulate an Afghan village.

SURF Façade-Camp MacKall Ft Bragg IDIAS Constracting