Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Roofing Defects Repair

IDIAS/SEPI was responsible for the repair of critical roof defects for multiple facilities for the US Air Force on Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, NC. The project involved the retrofit of four buildings with new standing seam metal roofs; the installation of new coatings systems and repairs to expansion joints and gutter/drainage systems; and the installation of new attic ventilation equipment and maintenance access hatches and pathways.

The project involved maintaining ongoing facility activities during construction including the demolition of existing built-up roof system and penetrations; installation of a temporary roofing system to protect building and occupants; upgrades to mechanical, electrical, communications, and life safety systems; and construction of new canopies and structural supports, walkways, and site lighting.

Additional services included installing new roofs and coatings systems to meet energy star performance criteria; new equipment start-up services and testing and balancing of mechanical systems; design services including architecture, structural, mechanical, and electrical; and miscellaneous repairs including skylights, flashing, drains, expansion joints, and painting.

Seymour Johnson Roof IDIAS Contracting design-build